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Hi my name is Andrew,

I have been in the Decorative Concrete Business for 13 years and started my first company when I was 19. I have installed a wide verity of coatings, stamped overlay systems, and my fare share of grey and stamped concrete.  I have always been looking for ways to make a job go faster and more efficient .  

What I have developed, are a few products that help make the jobs of concrete finisher's and coating installers a little easier.  First is the Shoe -In Pro Finish, the core reason behind this shoe is to help with keeping heel marks and tread patterns out of stamped concrete. These concrete finishing shoes also work great for spreading release powders, stamping, and sealing antiqued and regular concrete. These shoes work great for general concrete finishing applications such as power troweling. Shoe-in Pro Finish is a strapless shoe that is very easy to get on and off, all around the Pro Finish is a very user friendly product.

The other product we have is, the Shoe-In Pro Finish Spike, this spike shoe in my opinion is the safest spike on the market. The spike over shoe has superior stability compared to others that I have used. It also is very simple to get in and out of. There are no straps to drag or break, and no nuts that are going to come loose and fall off. Honestly we have not had one single person put them on, and not say it was hands down the best spike they have ever tried .

We had and amazing turn out at our booth at the World of Concrete and the Concrete Decor Show this year, and want to thank everybody for there praises on the product. We have been doing our best to keep up with the demand on the Epoxy spikes, and are in the process of expanding our production to ensure we keep up with all of our distributors, vendors, and customer orders .


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